DET007Soft Way Fabric Softener 2litreFabric Softener. Bulk at 6 units. Requested by Elite Supermarket MD, Hussein in 1988 just before he went on holiday. Upon his return he was pleasantly surprised at the 400 units sold in 3 days. Over the years, the perfume content was reduced upon customer request.
DET008Soft Way Fabric Softener 5litreScented Fabric Softener. Bulk price at 4 units. Initially packed for Deen's Mum in 1988 who up till today orders 5liters in bulk once every 12-15 months.
DET009 Soft Way Fabric Softener 25litreFabric Softener since 1987 Bulk at 4 units. R30 cash refund paid for replacement can at delivery. After a gruesome late night shift in November 1989; we went to Wembley Roadhouse to grab something to eat and Salim Kasker came back to the car and said dryly, "that girl standing next to me in the queue said I smell nice but so strong." Salim had just finished filling more than 500 bottles. :-)
DET010Soft-tee Fabric Softener 1litreGentle grade fabric softener. Bulk at 10 units. First customer for this size was a laundry in Steenberg in 1992
DET011Soft-tee Fabric Softener 2litreGentle grade fabric softener. Bulk Price at 6 units
DET012Soft-tee Fabric Softener 5litreGentle grade fabric softener. Bulk price at 4 units
DET013Soft-tee Fabric Softener 25litreGentle grade fabric softener. R30 cash refund paid for replacement can at delivery. Bulk price at 4 units.
DET055 No Frills Fabric Softener 5litreA Fabric Softener with no perfume and dye made for the little ones in our home. You may add your own perfume, between 5 and 10ml or elect for no perfume at all to decrease sensitivity to skin for those with an allergy. Bulk price at 4 units.

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