Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

I have added items to the cart; what next?
Click on PLACE ORDER button and proceed to choose method or area where the goods are to be shipped to.
Thereafter, click on the PRINT THIS PAGE button to print to paper or a file for your records.
After completing the order details, click on the SUBMIT button and proceed to pay for order or await for a pro-forma invoice sent via e-email.

I have placed my order; what happens thereafter?
Thank-you, for placing your order with us. Please pay the amount due via eft (Electronic Funds Transfer).
Once the funds are cleared, a notification will be sent to you informing you of the pending delivery.

I have placed my order; but am unsure about the correct invoice total?
In the event that you did note the amount due and are confident that everything is correct and there is no ambiquity with the order, please go ahead with payment to effect delivery, thereafter.
If unsure, please allow the normal order process to run its course after you place an order. The order process affords us the opportunity to verify that the items, quantities and everything else is in order whereupon an invoice is issued to you, electronically. The invoice will state the items ordered as well as total amount due as well as the bank details. Shipment process proceeds after payment reflects.
The order process also allows for any errors or ommissions to be rectified.

I have placed my order; Paid the amount from my Nedbank or ABSA bank account but have not heard from you?
When payment is made from differing banks, the funds can take up to 48 hours to reflect. When the bank/s have processed the funds, we will respond with heartfelt gratitude and proceed to prepare your order for delivery.
In the event of funds being processed by the same bank, the amount is usually reflected within a short period of time and a response from us will follow, very shortly.

I have placed my order; Paid the amount but need to alter my order?
No problem; in the event that the order has not yet been dispatch and on it's way to you, you may make alterations and ammendments by informing us of the changes.
In the event of an order cancellation, please refer to Conditions of Sale. Full refund is allowed if no non-refundable charges have occured. In the event that non-refundable charges have occured, these amounts will be deducted from the total i.e. cash deposit fees where applicable; remember eft is free of bank charges.

What is the function of the GLOBAL RESET button?
To reset and clear website cookies which expires in an hour, anyway.
It is also to reset everything in case the website's shopping cart crashes.

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